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Like the people who wear it, all jewelry has a story.

Young couples just starting life together are looking for a symbol of long lasting love and commitment. First they search for promise rings, then an engagement ring and wedding band sets. The center gemstone or diamond is the key to making a successful selection. Diamonds have been the traditional stone, but contemporary creative couples are looking for alternatives like royal sapphire and even alexandrite with it’s play of color.

Then shape, or cut, is the first factor. What is more pleasing to the fiance, a round solitaire, emerald, princess, or cushion cut?  Some couples resonate with the idea of uniting the two families with an older cut diamond handed down from one mother or grandmother, but mounted in the setting of their choice. The process of ring selection is a good exercise in how well couples cooperate. Does he want to pick out what he thinks she will like? Does she already know exactly what she wants? Do they huddle together and come to a mutual agreement. One bride-to-be likes to be surprised with his choice and is quite content with what ever he selects. Another has been searching for the perfect ring since she has been seven years old and has already found an image in a magazine and delivered it to him to sleuth out.  This is the first step in our Gem Stories. Check back for more posts in our Gem Stories Saga.