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Jewelry Repair Services

Gem Boutique offers in-house jewelry repair york pa from simple to very complicated procedures. We do it all in our location at 1243 East Market Street in York, PA.

Before Repair

Before Repair

Sometimes the need for repair is obvious such as when a stone falls out of the setting or a thin band finally breaks.

In addition, we recommend that you bring your jewelry here to be inspected for loose stones, or wear and tear not necessarily visible to the naked eye. For example, re-tipping worn prongs on a ring. This prevents loss of Diamonds or other precious gems mounted in the ring. Inspection is a free preventative service from Gem Boutique.

After Repair 1031 Men's Diamond Bracelet

After Repair  Men’s Diamond Bracelet

You may have a very valuable or sentimental piece of jewelry that needs repair, like an engagement ring, and wish to stay with your piece during the work, simply call to make an appointment for while- you- wait service.

Our goldsmith will refashion your broken jewelry to your specification. Your broken jewelry will be good as new and you will once again have the joy of wearing it.  In short we are a full service jewelry store here to serve you.

We are aware that your jewelry repair york pa is an important. We want you to enjoy wearing your jewelry as long as possible.  Simple maintenance and timely repair will extend the life of your precious jewelry.  Remember an excellent repair can bring new life to your tired or out of date jewelry. The following is a price list for Standard Repairs:


Women’s Rings

Laser repairs

Laser repairs

  • Size Down $40 (basic)
  • Complicated Size Down  $50+
  • One Size Up $40 (basic)
  • Complicated One Size up $50 +
  • Each additional Size Up $10
  • Half Shank $140+ Gold Cost
  • Full Shank $200+ Gold Cost
  • Platinum  Size Down $40
  • Platinum One Size Up $80
  • Platinum Each additional Size $20

Men’s Rings

Polishing Service

Polishing Service

  • Size Down Regular $40
  • Complicated Size Down $50+
  • One Size Up Regular $40
  • Complicated One Size Up $60+
  • Each additional Size   $20
  • Rebuild Half Shank $140+ Gold Cost
  • Rebuild Full Shank $180+ Gold Cost
  • Platinum Ring Down Size $40
  • Platinum Ring  Up Size $100
  • Platinum Each additional Size $25


  • Solder two band together     $50
  • Fitting Balls inside Shank $60
  • Platinum Solder two band together   $100
  • Platinum Fitting Balls inside Shank    $120



  • One Prong Re-tip     $15
  • Rebuild One Prong  $22
  • Reset Stones Basic   $20
  • Reset Stone Complicated, based on Setting  and Complexity


  • Changing Heads  $30 – $100 + Parts
  • Platinum Fancy Head
  • Market Price
  • All others
  • Estimate
  • gallery11


  • Post (Match/Replace) $12 +
  • Screw Post (Match /Replace) $25 +
  • Screw Post and Backs $40  +  each
  • Lever, Omega  and other backs
  • Depends on Pieces


  • Solder Broken Thin Chain $7.50
    Hand Crafting

    Hand Crafting

  • Solder  Broken Medium Chain  $15
  • Solder Broken Heavy Chain     $20
  • Jump Ring Rebuilt $7.50
  • Jump Ring New $10 -$15
  • Rebuild Hinge (clasp end)  for Light Chain   $40
  • Rebuild Hinge (clasp end)   for Medium Chain $60
  • Rebuild Hinge (clasp end)   for Heavy Chain $80
  • Safety Chain for Bracelet  $80
  • Safety Bar  $60


  • Polish and Rhodium Plating for White Gold or Silver $30
  • Polish and Gold Plating $30


  • Battery change $7 +
  • Adjust links $5 +
  • Watch repair quote
  • Microscope detail repair

    Microscopic detailing


  • Regular $1.50 per inch
  • Knotted $2.00 per inch
  • Clasp Depends on your choice
  • We restring your necklace and bracelets

    We restring your necklace and bracelets

                       JEWELRY APPRAISAL

  • Informal evaluation only no charge
  • Formal Document Updating
  • Simple Written Appraisal $50+
  • Regular Written Appraisal $75+
  • Complicated Written Appraisal $100+