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Gem Boutique Jewelry Store pays Cash for Gold. We are your gold buyer in York, PA.
Now buying gold & gold jewelry, diamonds & diamond jewelry, silver & silver jewelry.

We also buy platinum & platinum jewelry, gold coins & bars, silver coins & bars, antique and estate jewelry for cash.
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Scrap gold coins

We buy Gold and Silver Coins, Estate, Vintage and Antique Jewelry.

Looking for,”Gold Jewelry Buyers Near Me”? We are your trusted local gold buyer and diamond buyer with more than 30 years of jewelry experience. We buy all items made of any type of gold, silver or platinum no matter what the condition. This includes new, estate, old, antique and broken jewelry. We buy gold coins, gold watches, and silver coins. We buy diamonds both mounted or loose. In addition  Gem Boutique buys fine high end color gemstones. We welcome rare, unique, and exceptional color gemstones either mounted or loose. We can purchase a single piece of  jewelry or an entire estate.

Our friendly staff always provides an honest, respectful and discreet evaluation of your gold and precious items. Not sure if you have real gold? Bring it to Gem Boutique. We will provide free verbal appraisal by GIA Gemologist and gold buying experts. We pay cash on the spot. Our customers frequently tell us, “You are the best! You pay the highest prices around.” Click here to see client testimony. Their words weigh more than ours.

What we buy for cash:

We buy gold in any form or carat including jewelry & coins. We buy estate, vintage and antique jewelry. We buy diamonds in mountings or loose.  We buy high end and rare color gemstones.  We buy gold coins and bars. We buy items made of silver, including domestic and foreign silver coins & bars, flatware, and jewelry. We buy old pocket watches and high end watches including Rolex.

How to sell your jewelry & diamonds:

Class rings, old and broken jewelry

Class rings, old and broken jewelry

1. No appointment necessary. Just bring your items during regular business hours:
Monday – Friday 10 Am – 5:00 Pm
Saturday 10 Am – 2 Pm.  

2. Make an appointment for a private evaluation:                                                           call  717 846-5600 or click here.
3. We will evaluate your items and make an offer.
4. If you agree with the offer you will get cash on the spot.


Other frequently asked questions:

1. When is the best time to sell my gold? Gold price is high now. From past experience, when the economy improves, gold prices go down. Now the economy seems to be improving. So it’s your call.
2. If I have a big diamond, would I get a good price from you? Yes. Our in house GIA graduate gemologist will evaluate your diamond and give you a good offer.

3. I have some old jewelry, ( broken engagement ring/ divorced diamond ring). Can I trade it for new jewelry in your store?   Yes. You can trade your old diamond ring  for something new and beautiful that does not remind you of the past. We will give you generous credit toward your new purchase.
4. Do I get cash on the spot? Yes, always cash.
5. I live in Harrisburg; can I sell my jewelry to you? Yes. Our customers come from all over the mid-state, for example Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, York, Mechanicsburg, Abbotstown, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Columbia, Lebanon, Lemoyne, Leola, Gettysburg, New Oxford, Hanover, Reading, Shrewsbury, Shippensburg, Spring Grove, Altoona West York, and Northern Maryland.
6. My loved one died and left an estate with a variety of jewelry. How do I know what is real? Bring it all in, we will evaluate and test the jewelry for you. Then you will know what you have.

Pocket Watches, Gold Silver

We buy Gold Pocket Watches and Estate Jewelry.

7. I inherited some jewelry recently. I will never wear it. It is old and out of date. What should I do? This happens often. We can redesign a new piece of jewelry specifically for you, made from the family gold and gemstones. Your memories will then remain meaningful. Or if you wish you may sell it.
8. Can I get fast cash for my gold? Yes.
9. Do I have to make an appointment to sell my gold? You can just walk in during regular business hours: Monday – Friday: 10 Am – 5 Pm,  and Saturday: 10 Am – 2 Pm. You may also make an appointment for special reservation.
10. If I cannot make it in to your store during regular hours, can I still sell my gold? Yes, call to make a special appointment.
11. If I sell my gold jewelry, can I buy it back later? No. We are not a pawn shop.
12. Do you buy Rolex watches? Yes. We also buy Piaget, Patek Philippe and other high end watches.
13. My husband died and I need to pay bills. Should I sell the jewelry he gave me? I feel really bad to let it go. If you can find another way to cover your bills, keep it for now. If you have no other choice, he will understand.
14. I am divorced. Should I sell my wedding ring set? If that jewelry constantly reminds you of bad memories or feelings, then it is time for it to go.
15. After 20 years my company gave me a service award pin made of gold. I never wear it. Will you buy it? Yes. But you better not tell your boss.
16. We split up. Should I sell my engagement ring? Yes, if you are ready to move on with your life. Your future love may not appreciate the reminder of your past.
17. Do you buy old pocket watches? Yes, particularly if they are gold or silver.
18. I take care of an elderly person, who appreciates my work. Yesterday he gave me a hand full of jewelry in payment. Should I sell them? It depends on your relationship with this kind old fellow. When it is time to let it go, you will know.

We buy Silver and Gold scrap

We buy Silverware; Silver and Gold scrap.

19. My boyfriend left. Should I sell the jewelry he gave me? Depends. If you think you will get back together keep them, but if they are a constant reminder of bad memories it is time to sell. Your new boyfriend will not want to see jewelry from the X-boyfriends.
20. Do you buy beat up, damaged or mismatched jewelry? Yes.
21. Do you buy class rings? Yes, if they are gold or silver.
22. Do you buy silver items or flatware? Yes.
23. Do you buy old, out of date jewelry? Yes
24. I have a loose diamond stone. Will you buy it? Yes, we would be happy to look at it for you.
25. Do you buy foreign coins? Yes, if they are gold or silver.
26. I have an old gold tooth. The tooth fairy never did show up. Do you buy Dental Gold? Yes. But you better put the money under your pillow.
27. I got a gold nugget ring playing poker with my friends. Would you buy it? You better bring it in to see if it is real gold or if your friend gipped you!
28. I have some 24 karat gold items. Do you buy them? Yes, you will get a good payday.
29. I am 70 years old with 5 daughters. Should I leave the jewelry to my children or sell it? Can you divide your jewelry evenly to prevent squabbles? Will your daughters appreciate your older style jewelry or will they turn around and sell it for cash?
30. I have one daughter and two sons. I gave a lot of my jewelry to my daughter. My two sons do not wear jewelry. How do I make them equal gifts? We actually have some cases like this. Often the mother decides to sell some of her jewelry for cash to give to her sons.
31. I live 50 miles from your store. I have large diamond rings. Does it make sense for me to drive all the way to your store to sell them? Yes, you deserve a fair evaluation and offer.

We buy Silver, Gold and loose gemstones.

We buy Platinum, Gold and Diamonds.

32. I bought a heavy yellow colored necklace at a garage sale. I think it is real gold, but I do not know. Can I bring it in to find out if it is real? Yes. Many times people find treasures at yard sales. For example one customer paid $3.00 for a box lot. He brought in some items from the box and left with $1,500 fast cash and a big smile on his face.
33. I have a thin silver ring and I live 30 miles away, does it make sense for me to come to the store? No. Right now gas prices will cost more than the payout price of one thin silver band. So drop by the store when you are driving through the area or gather more silver and gold items to really make the trip worthwhile.
34. I have a heavy sculpture made of sterling silver. Would you be interested in buying it? Yes. We would love to see it.
35. Do you buy half melted gold? Yes.
36. Do you buy beat up sterling silver candle sticks? Yes, we buy gold and silver in any condition.

We buy any size, shape and quality of diamond.

We buy any size, shape and quality of diamond.

37. On vacation, I found a big diamond ring in the sand. Would you buy it? Report it to the local police jurisdiction. If no one claims it, it becomes yours. Then you can sell.

38. I found a heavy gold necklace in the _Mart parking lot. Can I sell it? Take it to the local police station. If it is not claimed, then you are the rightful owner and you can sell it.