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The Gem Boutique offers a full line of fine jewelry to suIMG_030853it any occasion including engagement, wedding and gifts.  Our custom made jewelry in York, PA design is top notch. Our process always starts with the client’s wishes and personality.  Jin Jou first listens to the client’s inspirations, specific ideas, budget and individual concerns about jewelry.  Often the client hand picks gems from our extensive inventory.  Only gems with the most captivating color, cut and clarity are chosen.

From the mix of chemistry between the client’s personality, Jin Jou’s vision and the finest gem stones, emerges a one of a kind design. Then through impeccable handcrafting, the result is a distinctive piece of jewelry, a joy to behold. Our custom made jewelry will be admired by your friends, but most important, as Jin Jou says, “The owner will experience pure pleasure and satisfaction every time when wearing one of my designs at work or play.”

Services-Feature-Image1        Gem Boutique can set your valuable diamonds or color gemstones, in your presence, while you wait with a pre-set appointment.

        Call to schedule an appointment: 717 846-5600. York, PA

      Gem Boutique also offers appraisals by our GIA Graduate Gemologist for insurance, peace of mind and other reasons. We provide a full evaluation of your inherited or estate jewelry. We can also repair or refashion your broken jewelry.

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Financial Luxury Card

Financial Luxury Card

Now offering a new Financial Luxury Card for your easy shopping convenience.  Perfect for all those times when you just want to get what you really desire and don’t want to compromise. We will help you with the application process.


Custom Made Jewelry York, PA Questions and Answers:

Why would anyone want custom designed Jewelry?

Good question. There are a couple of reasons. In general most people like custom work because they appreciate jewelry that is unique and fits their own personality. Some jewelry contains personal symbolism or memories. Everyone is special in their own way. Gem Boutique’s custom made jewelry York, PA is a distinctive way to express how you feel and show your own sense of style.

How can I create a custom design ring for myself?

The brilliance of diamonds depends on the precise cut of each facet. So is the custom design of fine jewelry. Lifestyle, personality, favorite colors, sense of humor and all your marvelous quirks and foibles; these are all facets of you. Together we will synthesize all your complexities into a single brilliant fusion.

Where can I find the distinctive kind of gemstone I want for my custom design piece?



Right here, you will not be disappointed. Our gemologist travels direct to the source to obtain the finest earth mined gemstones. This makes the quality fine and the price affordable. It means you get to choose the gemstone of your dreams from our vast inventory. If we don’t have it, we will find it for you. Think of Gem Boutique as your personal gemstone concierge.

There is so much outstanding ready made jewelry, why can’t I just find what I want there?

Yes, you are right. There is some very nice quality jewelry already made that is well designed and crafted. They could also be extremely expensive. You pay for the name. Our Custom piece of jewelry may give you the same look, feel and quality without the super high price.

I am very creative. How can I transform my dream into a real piece of jewelry that I can touch and feel?

Custom Ring

Custom Ring

We have everything you need to help create jewelry that expresses the inner you. We love to do this and are more than happy to assist you. We are ready, willing and able to help you translate your vision into reality. No job is too big or too small. For example, a very young son designed this lovely pink ring for his mother.

I am a stubborn old fart. What happens if I feel your designers do not like my ideas for a new ring?

Our goal is to get your jewelry  as close to your original idea, while keeping in mind the functionality and sparkle you may desire. In cases when a customer insists on his or her dream design and disregards our advice, we will make it your way.

Is custom made jewelry expensive? I am afraid of the cost.

Yellow Sapphire Diamond Ring

Yellow Sapphire Diamond Ring

Not necessarily. It depends on your design, the materials and your budget. The cost can be lower than ready-made or the sky is the limit.

What is the advantage of buying custom made jewelry?

No one else will have your exact design. It will fit perfectly and compliment your life style. It can be more durable because we can control the material. Often custom pieces make the best heirlooms.

I have an odd shaped gem. Can I use it to make a custom ring?

Yes. There are many ways to incorporate odd shaped gemstones into a unique piece of wearable art.

I have a broken ring. Can I make that into a new ring or pendant?

Broken Diamond Ring

Broken Diamond Ring

Gilliland, Denise Marquis Diamond

After Custom Redesign

Yes. This is a perfect situation to bring new life to your old broken pieces.

I have inherited jewelry from my dear grandmother. I do not like the style, but I want to keep her memory alive. What can I do?

Refashioning old jewelry into something brilliant is a great way to keep your heritage alive like the rebirth of the fabled phoenix rising from its bath of fire.

I love the diamond in my old wedding ring. Can I make it into something else?

Sure, they can be redesigned into any number of new items: another ring, earrings, pendants, or bracelets. We can even reduce your cost by using the material from your old ring.

I want to make a special gift for someone I love. I want it to be one-of-a-kind, just like her. Can you do it?

Free Form Design

Free Form Design

Yes, we have done this before. Come in and we will tell you the story.

What if I do not like the way my jewelry idea turns out?

It can happen. People change their minds in this creative process. It’s unlikely because we work through every step of the process. If at a certain point in the process we feel that we cannot deliver, we will not take the job.

Can I save money on a custom pendant if I bring you old jewelry?

Good idea. Sometimes you do not have to pay anything. Depending on how much gold you bring, we may even pay you!

I want a new ring in the vintage/antique style. Can you design one like this?

I approve this jewelry.

I approve   this ring!

Yes. We can make you jewelry that even Queen Victoria would approve.

Antique Old Mine Cut Diamond ring

 I have an active lifestyle. Is one kind of setting better than others? I  like to wear jewelry even while I am working.

Yes. There are certain ways to mount gemstones into the ring band that will not catch on clothing or other materials. For example pave’ set and channel set gemstones are suited best for certain types of wear and tear. A number of  designs are a good fit for people working in different professional demands.

I want a stunning ring like no one else has. Can you make it?

Yes. Our designers love to create dashing and even spectacular pieces of  jewelry. I’m not trying to be funny, but it can be a challenge to your budget. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

What exactly is custom design jewelry?

Custom Made Jewelry York PA Emerald Bracelet

Custom Made Jewelry York PA Emerald Bracelet

Simply put, it is either jewelry imagined and executed by an individual as an artistic expression, or it can be jewelry designed by a customer to meet their individual  specifications.  We like to think it is both. Here at the Gem Boutique we are blessed helping other people to create beauty and share it with the world.