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Jin Jou Meighen, Proprietor and GIA Graduate Gemologist

korean mtJin Jou Meighen has been immersed in the world of natural gems and fine custom jewelry from a young age.  On an elementary school field trip, she discovered her first gem buried in the earth.  It was a beautifully shaped quartz crystal scepter embedded in a mountain top. Later, in middle school while swimming, she was attracted by a glowing ray of sparkling color shinning up from the river bottom. Upon investigation, she pulled out a faceted red gemstone. For Jin Jou, both of these experiences were profoundly inspirational. They set the course of her lifelong pursuit of fine gemstones and jewelry.

Jin Jou committed herself to learn more comprehensively about all aspects of gemstones. She learned the ins and outs of the Gem Trade by traveling all through the gem mining countries of the world. There she established strong bonds with local miners. She then chose to further her education at the top school of gemology in the world, the renowned Gemological Institute of America.

Buying Gems in Brazil

Gem Buying in Brazil

Jin Jou established the Gem Boutique, a full-service jewelry store in York, Pennsylvania in 1991. Since then, Jin Jou’s designs are sought after by high profile collectors around the world. Jin Jou fashions works of art that make the most of the fire and brilliance in high end diamonds and rare color gemstones. She travels to countries where the finest gemstones are mined, to bring you an outstanding selection, superior in quality, color, cut and clarity. Our gems come from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, South American mines and others.

JIn Jou gem expidition.

Gem Expedition

Our store is located in a delightful historic building along the Lincoln Highway on the East Side of York, Pennsylvania. For your convenience, there is plenty of free parking in the rear of the building.  Our well trained staff here at Gem Boutique will help you with your selection, redesign, cleaning, repair and all your jewelry needs. Jin Jou says, “We are a collection of people who truly appreciate the beauty of gemstones and jewelry. And we enjoy the people who shop our unique line of jewelry.”  Our Services

So whether you are seeking a ready custom made piece or want to design your own jewelry,  Gem Boutique delivers essential luxuries at reasonable prices. Free financing available.