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Amethyst is the birthstone for February

With it’s range of deep violet to vibrant purple tones, Amethyst has been the subject of deep fascination for thousands of years.  Imagine walking the Greek cobbled ways with Alexander the Great to find a group of merry revelers filling their cups with deep purple wine. Because of it’s deep dreamy purples at that time, Amethyst was associated with the god of wine, Bacchus.  If one wore Amethyst jewelry, it was thought to protect against intoxication, so, more wine could be consumed….

Pear cut Amethyst with Diamond halo in yellow gold.

Purple Reign

No wonder Amethyst has enchanted Kings and Queens throughout the ages. Especially when wearing it would bestow the wearer a quick wit, especially those pouring the wine. In addition, it was said, the wearer would be graced with a clear head in battle as well as in business. Who doesn’t need that even today?

Amethyst pendant in white and yellow gold

Catherine the Great of Russia sought far and near for the next perfect purple gemstone in the last 1700’s.  The spell has not been broken through the years.  The mid century  modern, The Duchess of Windsor wore a legendary necklace to a party in Versailles that rocked the party.

Love Lore

But historic lore also says the purple beauty, can calm besotted lovers, overrun by passions. Well anyone can see why the rich purple color could bring balance to the most twitter-pated among us.

Amethyst ring with Diamond halo

Whether in a pendant, a ring, a sparkling pair of earrings,  a pendant or a bracelet, Amethyst is still among the most popular gemstones today. It makes the perfect choice for the King or Queen of you heart weather they are born in February or not!

Amethyst quad on green

Amethyst Pendant 50.70ct .20ct Diamond 14K Yellow Gold