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Engagement Ring Stories

Posted on: December 5th, 2019 by cher

Let’s go back to the beginning regarding selecting an engagement ring. It all comes down to what you like.  That truly is the bottom line. Does it make your heart sing when you look at the ring?  Is it comforting and comfortable. The presence of a diamond is going to reassure you both that the ring will endure through the years. The brightness and blasts of fire with even her subtle movements will add to your joy and happiness. That singular scintillation leaping from facet to facet will remind you of how your hearts beat together, even as the years roll by.

Solitaire in white gold

2.3 c Round Diamond Ring in 14k white Gold #753

What shape, size and configuration pleases you. After all, this ring is going to be with you both, in the good times and the more challenging times. And when you look on that third finger of the left hand, you know the one with the direct blood line straight to the heart, you want to find a singular beauty staring back. A beauty that will reassure you over and over no matter in which phase your relationship is currently entangled.

So at the beginning, while you are both sharing your thoughts on this enduring symbol of unity, you are also learning how to communicate with each other. Does one love plunging in feet first with a long line of must haves and absolutes? Has this topic been fully explored, vetted and decided, but the dear one, then can’t find the “stop button”?  All the while then the other is forced, or is it dotingly enjoys, listening attentively to the ins and outs of that personal selection journey.  Does neither one of  you seem to be able to start the “Engagement Ring” conversation? Is your style of communication non verbal? He lays down a magazine photo and she points to “the one”?  In a sense the early selection process sets the tone for your future communications. It all comes down to what you like.

Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald Cut ring2