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Here we go…

With all of the holiday gatherings behind us, and heaping helpings of sauerkraut for good luck shared around family tables, it’s time to focus on a new year and a new decade of 2020. Looking back to the last century, the Roaring Twenties brought sweeping changes, short sparkly flirty skirts and guys asking for some “cash”, meaning a smooch on the lips.  When a “tomato” tells her “bimbo” that the “bank’s closed”,  she told him to stop making out. Cars were becoming more available and that meant more freedom to travel and see more of what the neighbors were doing.  Women could be spirited “bearcats” or shy “cancelled stamps”. But young men still sought “a choice bit of calico” to throw on a “handcuff”, hoping he wouldn’t get an “icy mitt’ of rejection for his affections.

Know your onions!

He had to “know his onions”, understand her feelings, in order to “get on the trolley”, understand her  true feelings.  So if she answered “cash”  when he asked “cash or check?” he knew his wait would not be long and she was ready to take a walk down the “middle isle”.  When a “Sheikh”  was sure of his “Sheba” he could get “insured”, married, by laying down some “jack”, “mazuma” or “kale” for a big “manacle” of her choice.

Everything old is new again

Art deco was the popular style of engagement rings  in the 1920’s in platinum, white or yellow gold. Diamonds and blue sapphires were the most sought after.  A few of these rings can be found today from estate displays. But today at the dawn of the roaring 2020’s, most couples want to custom design their own ring, even if they are based on some of the lines of the last century.  So here’s to everyone who wants to  “hit on all sixes”,  and make the perfect life of their own.

Diamond Ring 14K White Gold