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Gifts of the Season

Posted on: December 11th, 2019 by cher

It’s that time of Year

Gifts of the Season come in many forms. As late fall turns to winter the days grow short and home is more inviting. Traditionally fall is when the harvest is ripe and heavy and gathered into bales and bundles tucked safely into the barn. The farmer can rest assured the animals will be housed as needed and fed though the cold snowy months.

Time to see the big picture

The short days and long blessed nights are a time to review the activities of the past year, repair as needed plus reflect on both the good and the bad. But most of all it is a time to spend catching up with family and friends sharing the bounty derived from the year’s toil.

Here at the Gem Boutique we are catching up with friends and family, but the resting part hasn’t kick in yet. This is more like Santa’s Workshop as we design custom jewelry whether  its engagement rings, anniversary rings or other expressions of love. Even Santa will pop in once in a while and make a recommendation.

Garnet and Diamond Ring

Santa’s other sleeve…

Santa sets the Gifting trends

Turns out Santa has lots of beguiling beauties up his sleeve perfect for Gifts of the Season like this oval cut garnet beauty with round bezel set diamonds on the side. One of our Gifts of the Season is a Christmas story from Europe that goes like this.

Ole’ Saint Nick was making his way through a rural village and heard of a family that was having a hard time making ends meet. With three growing daughters in the home, it was hard to amass the required dowry to make a suitable marriage match for the spunky gals. One evening the daughters washed their stockings as usual and hung them to dry overnight by the fire.

This is where Ole’ St. Nick found them and had a remedy on hand for their family financial pain. Into each stocking he slid a round yellow ball of glittering gold.  Well when the sun rose, there was much celebrating in the family, for now the three lovely ladies would be able to marry and take their place in the community.

Modern Gifts

Today it would be very rare to drop a chunk of gold in a stocking “hung by the fire”. However the tradition of giving gifts of gold continues. Now the gold is fashioned into jewelry that can be worn and passed down to family members as keepsakes.

Gem Boutique offers the opportunity to create a completely new piece of custom jewelry that will hold it’s value down through the ages to come.   Totally in house, we can create your ring, necklace, bracelet or pin  from design to polish.

We fashion, handcraft and cast all under our own auspices resulting in beautiful works of wearable art.  So as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer isn’t it time to ask,  “What’s in your stocking”?